Abyss Cleanup

Abyss CleanUP

who we are

Abyss Cleanup Association is committed to the conservation of the Environment, with a specific focus in water habitats such as rivers, lakes and oceans, and the
promotion of sustainable behaviors and lifestyles. 

It was founded in September 2021 by adventure-filmmaker Igor D’India, who invested the last 15 years of his career as an adventure
filmmaker in a quest around the world to research, understand and report about the problems connected to the Environment, the human-Nature relationship,
especially in water environments such as rivers, lakes and oceans, and narrate the story of those who fight that battle for protection and preservation. During this
journey he came across different scenarios, populations, scientists with whom he collaborated and developed a growing environmentalist conscience.
Bringing together a team of professionals in different fields but with the same love for Nature and the intention of stepping-up doing something
concrete, Abyss CleanUp aims at safeguarding the conditions of the coastal and marine environment, with specific interest in combating the phenomena of
abandonment of waste.

Abyss CleanUP

what we do

We perform on-site interventions for the improvement and / or the restoration of the coastal and marine environment, in collaboration with local authorities,
territorially competent authorities and with companies and institutes (public and private) of scientific and technological research also through the application of
new technologies. We promote scientific research, participating in networks and promoting cultural exchanges at regional, national, international level and help
raise awareness of public opinion and stakeholders on the problem of coastal and maritime pollution. We help spreading and disseminating a culture of
environmental sustainability organizing and participating in demonstrations and events, drawing up and publishing information and promotional material (on
different media and channels). We believe making a difference is possible, through collaboration and true commitment.

Abyss CleanUp

What makes Abyss CleanUp special.

We take concrete actions, not the usual talk, talk, talk bullshit
We build our projects on solid scientific basis, working with the scientific community directly and constantly
We push on ambitious projects to move the boundaries and reach breakthru results
We have a multidisciplinary team with complementary background and competence
We work with a vast network of partners and are open to collaborations with public institutions, private, companies
We understand the importance of communication and invest much on video production

Collaboration is strength. If you agree, let’s talk!